Strike: potential delays at Brussels Airport due to thorough controls by customs officers

Brussels Airport customs officials are carrying out a spontaneous action on Wednesday, October 17th to denounce the lack of personnel who control the goods and people, reported CSC Public Services Tuesday.

The Christian union estimates up to an hour delays for passengers arriving in Zaventem.

The action began at 7:30 and will run for an indefinite period.


Brussels Airport


“There will be a thorough search of planes arriving at the airport,” said Marc Nijs, secretary of the Christian union. “On some flights, everyone will be controlled. Baggage will also be examined.”

It is the lack of personnel that is pointed out by the customs officers. In four years, the number of staff has dropped from 53 to 32, reported CSC Public Services. “The customs management is doing its best to address the issue with the political authorities, but it is not being heard,” said Nijs.

Some departing planes might also be thoroughly controlled.