ULB students send messages of hope to refugees in Lebanon

Last Tuesday, the students of ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles, had a career open day inviting a number of companies and organisations to present the work they do and explain possible career paths with the company. SB OverSeas was there to present its volunteering program in Lebanon.

For the day, we had a number of items adorning our table to attract people to our stand including canvas bags created by the refugee women such as Baida in our centres. In addition, we had postcards featuring artwork drawn by Fida Alwaer, one of the teachers at our school. We invited the students of ULB to write their messages of hope on the postcards for our students in Lebanon.

We received a number of heartwarming messages from the students in French, English, Arabic and Italian reflecting the melting pot that is Brussels. The one thing that did not differ was the message in the postcard: the message of hope.



‘N’abandonnez jamais vos reves’

‘Keep believing’

‘Il faut garder d’espoir’

Thank you to the students of ULB for their messages of hope. We will be sending these to our youth in Lebanon.



Interested in volunteering with SB OverSeas in Lebanon? Click here to find out more about our program.