I dare take the train: a new guide that makes public transport accessible for everyone in Belgium

SNCB has just issued a practical guide to support people with intellectual disabilities as well as those who have issues with reading and orientation.

Dealing with transportation and reduced mobility is a major stake. While progresses have been made over the past decades with regard to this issue, many efforts are still needed to make public transportation completely accessible for those who have physical disabilities. The EU institutions have been working on this subject for a bit more than a year, and some progress is to be be expected in the future.

Disability, however, is not only about physical issues. The people who suffer from mental disability also need to be supported when they aim to travel across Belgium or Europe.

This is why SNCB, the national train operator, has just released a practical guide to make transport easier to those people in need. It is called, J’ose prendre le train, mon guide d’apprentissage pour voyager seul (I dare take the train, my learning guide to travel by myself).

“This tool has specially been designed for the people who suffer from slight or severe mental disability, or for the support people. More broadly, this guide addresses to all the people who have issues to find their way, to read or to understand information,” the SNCB explains.

Several stakeholders have contributed to draft that guide, such as people with disability or specialised organisations.




The final result is a three-part guide, containing both text and pictures to make it as understandable as possible.

The first part deals with the different steps when you aim to travel. The second one is about all the formalities you need to fill to ask for assistance. And the third one lists the different steps you could take when you face difficulties.

Here you can find the guide.