5 spots for autumn-inspired shots

Autumn is finally here, which means that Brussels is covered in incredible colors and breath-taking views! The city glows up, once again, with details, shades and inspiring landscapes that are just waiting for the right eyes to be caught and portrayed! Instagrammers, photographers and nature lovers, take out your cameras and walk around the city, to discover this season’s hidden treasures and surprises!

If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration, here are few spots you should definitively not miss!


Bois de la Cambre

A classic, among Brussels’ parks, is Bois de la Cambre. The trees around the lake are now painted in the brightest colors, making the atmosphere even more romantic and fascinating. Absolutely worth a visit, even just for a relaxing walk in nature.

Avenue Louise

This famous and luxurious street, known for the great boutiques and restaurants, offers quite some good shots, to fall lovers. Just take a look at the tram stops, the urban details and the fancy buildings all around: with the right perspective and some luck (the sun is still shining on Brussels, brightening up its charm) you will get a great shot!



This old part of the town has its own special allure, especially during the weekends: stands and vendors crowd sidewalks and squares, filling them with details and objects from the past decades. A Sunday stroll at Place Jeu de Balle is what you may need for your next great pic!


Place Sainte Catherine

The whole city centre is charming and perfect for pictures, but place Sainte Catherine is THE place to be at sunset: people gather in front of the church to meet with friends and have dinner, making the square lively; the two ponds on the side offer a different observation point on the church and, on the back of this same building, beautiful yellow leaves are scattered around, framing magnificently the whole space.

Place Sainte Catherine Bruxelles 🇧🇪 Photo by: @yagodamaria www.vivabrusselstours.com

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Just outside of Brussels, there is Watermael-Boitsfort, a neighborhood with an elegant and fascinating setting. Here, nature and houses combine together in a unique way, offering incredible shots that feel a bit distant in time and space from the chaotic city centre.

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