A new species of dinosaur on display in Brussels

The Museum of Natural Sciences presents Arkhane, the fossil of a new species of Allosaurus, which will be exhibited as a world exclusive until 31 March 2020.

Its name “Arkhane” comes from the contraction of the Latin Arcanus which means enigmatic and secret and Genghis Khan, the formidable conqueror. This is an authentic, 70% complete skeleton (which is exceptional) measuring 8.7 metres long and standing 2.6 metres tall. With its claws, sharp teeth and its speed, which could reach between 30 and 50 km/h, Arkhane would indeed have been a dangerous predator.

This bipedal and carnivorous dinosaur dates from the upper Jurassic era, which is approximately 155,000,000 years ago. It had waited a long time before being discovered; being unearthed in 2014 at the Barnum-Kaycee site in Wyoming, in the United States. Arkhane arrived in Brussels via an anonymous private collector who purchased it at an auction in France.

Come and admire this new terrestrial predator from the Jurassic era in the Gallery of Evolution, where you can also gaze at marine animals from this geological period. For more information about opening times, please visit the Museum’s website.