Vox Populi: Andrea Cox from Bratislava

1. What are your expectations/hopes from these elections?

I hope to see a clear message to all nay sayers that the EU is a dead project. I would like to see a bigger turnout from Slovakia, when in 2014 only 13 per cent of voters cast their ballot. By a bigger turnout we will say: “We care about our common space, the EU is our common space.” Even if common people do not really know much about how the EU law influences their everyday life, 77 per cent of Slovaks sees benefits of our EU membership.


Andrea Cox


And a big wish of mine is to see those candidates elected who will not get lost in the corridors of the EP buildings for 5 years, but will be heard and visible not only to their Slovak electorate but mostly in the EP committees and at plenary sessions. Even a MEP from a small country or a minor party can now with the use of social media make a big difference. I wish those elected will not blindly follow their political group’s line but actively contribute to the policy shaping.

2. Do you/people in your member state still have faith in the EU to deliver?

Faith in the EU is based on a mutual relationship. Majority of people consider the Slovak membership in the EU a good thing. In order to keep this the EU should try to deliver what it was built for – common space of peace and prosperity and not create barriers and limitations. We should avoid controversies such as Copyright Directive which made citizens across the EU alert. More than 4.7 million people signed a petition opposing the directive regulating, amongst others, how the internet will look like. In the era of politically led disinformation campaign, this was not a step in the right direction.

3. Will you be voting? If so, who for (if you are willing to say)?

No doubt about it. I will be voting for two female Christian Democrat candidates who will be able to shape policy making in the EP.



4. Tell us some very brief persona/biographical details about yourself?

I run a citizens association digiQ promoting digital citizenship. I’m proud that Slovakia is part of the EU. Our tendency to forget atrocities of the 2nd world war and cruelty of communism saddens me.