Demand clean air in Brussels

It has been often remarked how the concerning levels of air pollution are affecting health and the environment across Europe. Several EU members decided to take action, trying to reduce pollution and guarantee a smaller impact on both cities and the eco-system.

Every year in Belgium, about 12,000 citizens die prematurely because of air quality in the country. This is why the European Commission sent a notice last year to the public authorities, pointing out the lack of action to make air quality better in the Belgian capital. In fact, Brussels is one of the most polluted cities in the World, and its air quality is altered by constant traffic jams, by a lack of environment-friendly habits and by an industry that still produces a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

The 16th of November is a very important date for both Europe and Belgium: a Clean air forum will be held in Paris, gathering all the stakeholders involved in air quality. On the same day, the five Belgian citizens who took Brussels’ regional government before the courts to demand better air quality will face the final hearing of the case at the Brussels Court of Justice.

European and Belgian activists have decided to take the opportunity to denounce the political measures that have been taken over the last years and ask for change. Their message is clear: the people of Brussels want to breathe clean air!

In order to raise awareness, spread information and gain more attention, the activists set a political protest at Poelaert Square at 6.00 pm, that everyone is welcome to attend. As it will be dark, they warmly suggest bringing garlands of light and candles to make this event light.

Clean air Bxl has also planned to send a petition to Minister President Vervoort, which can be found here.