6 surprising benefits of wearing a face mask

2020 changed our way of life in so many unexpected ways. For one, it forced us to wear a face mask every day.

It didn’t matter where we lived or who we were. We all had to cover our faces to protect ourselves and others from an indiscriminate virus.

Putting on a face mask may be inconvenient at times. But it also brings a host of other facial conveniences.

1.   You can now move your lips while talking to yourself

If you’re someone who has a habit of talking to yourself in public, you will be pleased to know that you are now free to mouth your words without freaking people out.

You can even make a sound while debating with yourself so long as you keep it low. With social distancing, the sound waves you produce won’t get that far.

Gesticulating is still not advisable, but at least you don’t have to mute the animated discussions you have with yourself or selves.

2.   No need to cover your mouth when you yawn, sneeze, or cough

How many times have we been told to cover our mouth while yawning, sneezing, or coughing?

Well now that’s no longer an issue. Our faces are already covered so the etiquette police can give it a rest.

3.   For the ladies, no need to wear makeup

Let’s face it. Your whole face is practically concealed, so what’s the point?

Besides, who needs cosmetics when you’re working from home?

For video conferences, you can always use some of those funky makeup filters and lighting effects.

4.   Nobody has to know about those acne issues

With a mask on your face, nobody has to see those unsightly pimples, zits, or blackheads that frequently appear on the nose.

If they show up on the forehead, no problem. It’s winter, you can wear a bonnet.

5.  Shield against bad breath

You don’t have to suffer through a conversation with anyone who just ate an onion-rich sandwich for lunch. Thank God!

And anyone doesn’t have to suffer through a conversation with you after you eat an onion-rich sandwich for lunch. Praise the Lord!

Thanks to the face mask, only we will know what our own breath is like.

6.   Your nose and teeth are safe

You can talk to people without worrying if you have something stuck in your teeth or in your nose. Your only concern now is the state of your eyes.

Wearing a mask doesn’t only keep us safe from any virus. It also saves us the trouble of being self-conscious about our face, which is something quite human.

How about you? What other surprising benefits have you experienced from wearing a face mask?