70 years: Discover the world of Porsche cars at Autoworld Brussels

Created 70 years ago by Ferry Porsche in the small workshop at Gmünd, in Austria, based on the Volkswagen conceived by his brother some ten years earlier, the make over the years has become a very much a live myth.

Of his car, Ferry said: “I looked all around me and nowhere could I find the car I was dreaming of. So, I built it!” And as such it is the first car to bear the name Porsche.

Over seven decades, from the first 356 through to the present-day hybrids, Porsche has never ceased to evolve in force and beauty.



This end-of-year exhibition at Autoworld will relate the complete history of this evolution with the help of some sixty cars. An exhibition that was brought about thanks to the participation of Porsche Import and the Porsche Museum of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, as also thanks to the loans from numerous collectors.

To allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Porsche universe and take in the subtle evolutions, the cars are displayed in different zones and configurations.

The earliest 356 family (Keibl – Gmünd – 356 A – 356 B – 356 C) – the first – will be exhibited in their original unrestored state.

Close by, brought together on a podium, some dozen Porsche will retrace the evolution of the make, of which the 356 (a Roadster D’Ieteren), various 911, 914, 924, the 928 Prototype (75 Years Ferry Porsche), the 944, the 968 as also the Boxster and the Cayenne of the first generation … obviously!

The 911 RS (RennSport) will enjoy a prominent place. No less than eight cars – all versions! – will reveal their technological advances and design.

And what about the Speedster models! Ranging from the 356 to the 991 (Phase II 70 years edition!), five vehicles will be on show.

At Porsche, the Motorsport is an integral part of the make’s DNA. With 19 victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Porsche is presently the most important worldwide manufacturer of competition cars. A complete zone is dedicated to such cars as the 917 Psychedelic, the former Jacky Ickx Porsche 935, the LMP2 and other equally impressive machines.