711st planting of the Meyboom to take place on August 9th

A very old tradition dating back to the Middle Ages (1213) is celebrated every year in Brussels on 9 August with the planting of a tree of joy, the “Meyboom”, in the Marais district. It is a popular festival that attracts thousands of people.



From 1pm, giants, brass bands, folk groups will begin to wander through the streets of Brussels. Around 3pm the tree “Meyboom” will be presented to the population and the authorities at the Grand Place. The parade will then reach the Marais district just before 4:30 pm be where they will proceed, under the encouragement of the watching crowd, to plant the tree.

Since 1308, the Compagnons de Saint-Laurent have had the privilege of planting the Meyboom on August 9.