King Albert II agreed to a DNA test in the paternity case

The paternity case is already years old and King Albert has decided to submit to the expertise ordered by the Court of Appeal of Brussels on May 16th.

He has agreed to submit to a DNA test which was required of him in the paternity case against Delphine Boël.  He was facing a daily fine of 5,000 euros for refusing to submit to the DNA test.

The Brussels Court of Appeal issued their first judgement on October 25, declaring that Delphine Boël is not the biological daughter of Jacques Boël.

Albert’s DNA test will now be compared to Delphine Boël’s to determine whether he is her biological father.

The sample DNA will be kept in a safe at the Erasme Hospital where the test was completed.



It has been reported that “the findings of this expert report will remain strictly confidential until a new court decision.” Everything is suspended until the decision of the court de cassation.

If it is determined that Albert is her father, will Delphine take the title of princess?