75,000 passengers expected at Brussels Airport this Friday for the start of Carnival holidays

Brussels Airport expects 75,000 passengers this Friday, March 1, the day before the first weekend of the Carnival holiday.

The airport announced Tuesday that 648,000 travelers in total will come to Zaventem Airport during the “ten days of vacation”.

Among the key destinations is Spain, which remains the favorite country for Belgians at the carnival, according to Brussels Airport.

This year, Geneva, Berlin, Tenerife, Barcelona, Prague, Nice and Palma de Mallorca are popular destinations for relatively short flights.

As for long-haul flights, New York, Tel Aviv, Dakar, Washington and Toronto will see many Belgians arrive.

The large affluence brings some disadvantages, however, and the airport advises passengers to book their parking space in advance or to be dropped off in the “drop-off” area.