9 Visions of Brussels: a call for street-art projects by the City of Brussels

General context

The city of Brussels, with the initiative of the Alderman of the City of Brussels who is in charge of Culture and Public Cleanliness, has launched a call for projects, in collaboration with the Communication Unit of the City of Brussels. The project calls for the production of 9 artistic works to be put portrayed on one of the four palisades of the site of the future administrative center of the City of Brussels. The call is open to any major artists, individuals or groups.


This call for projects aims to produce nine original works of art of “urban painting” type on a wooden palisade surrounding the site of the future administrative center of the City of Brussels. During the construction period (3 years), the City of Brussels wishes to communicate positively with the passers-by.

The Rue Marhé aux Poulets  was chosen to welcome this street art expo considering that it is the palisade of the most frequented street by pedestrians. The 30 meters of palisades located on the Rue Marhé aux Poulets are intended to let the artists express themselves on the theme «BXL moves for you, with you and thanks to you ».

The aim is to show that Brussels is a creative city, evolving, moving; a city that is modernizing, a smart city. The rest of the palisade (rue de la Vierge noire, rue des Halles and rue de l’Eveque) will serve as  support for information on the building under construction, neighborhood development and city projects. The works will have to completely cover the panels. The techniques used for the realization of the works can be all the techniques usually used for urban frescoes as long as they are adapted to the medium painting (birch wood), that they comply with safety standards and that they guarantee the permanence of the work. The works must be designed by the artists for a minimum durability of 3 years (2021).

Good to know:

  • Period of submission: 11/10/2018 – 14/11/2018
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