EU Super Girl returned to Brussels with the mission of delivering 1000 “Letters to Europe”

EU super girl returned to Brussels with the mission of delivering 1000 “Letters to Europe”: with a message of peace, solidarity and friendship at Christmas time.

I have been collecting the letters since the anniversary of the EU referendum, 23rd June 2017, travelling up and down the UK to anti-Brexit protest events including, Newcastle, Manchester, London and Brighton. At the demonstrations I would sing my protest songs on stage, including “the Letters 2 Europe Song” and then ask people to write a letter “to our European Friends” for the project.

We bought the Letters over to Brussels on 6th December. The team included: FauxBoJo (Boris Johnson impersonator), Charlie Grosvenor and my dog, Alba White Wolf. The reason for bringing Alba was two-fold; firstly, we wanted to highlight the benefits of the EU Pet Passport scheme and secondly, to recreate the illustrations from my children’s story book “Alba White Wolf’s Adventures in Europe” as photographs with the real Alba in the real European locations.

Anti-#Brexit #EUSupergirl Madeleina Kay & Faux BoJo Andrew Miles perform outside the #EU Commission's HQ, as #UK officials discuss Brexit deal inside.

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On Thursday, our Brussels team member Mathew Lowry arranged meetings with the European Parliament, including Luca Jahier and Guy Verhofstadt. We also met a British MEP, Alex Mayer.

The meeting with Verhofstadt was brilliant, he had a copy of my book already, and his staff said they had tried to get Alba into the meeting, but the security wouldn’t allow it. I explained the Letters to Europe project and gave him a letter and a pair of EU socks. We discussed citizen’s rights, his special area and then he showed me his Union Jack fridge. When he saw the huge sack full of the 1000 letters he grabbed two handfuls and said his team would open them and reply on Twitter.


On Thursday evening we hit Place Luxembourg where Mathew and Richard Medic had organised an event at the Grape Vine, where me and FauxBoJo performed our songs and gave out the letters.

On Friday morning we staged a musical protest outside the Berlaymont building where Theresa May has been early in the morning. Sadly she had sneaked out of Brussels before we even realised she was there, so we couldn’t say hello. Afterwards, we continued giving out the letters at the Christmas market and received some very positive feedback on the project, from people who thought it was a lovely gesture to make at Christmas time, but there were also some slightly less enthusiastic responses!

The main purpose of our trip was to give a voice to British Remainers, who don’t want Brexit and to let Europeans know that we are still fighting it and we still want to remain part of the Great European project. And even if we can’t stop Brexit we will fight to take us back into the European Union. My generation did not vote for Brexit, this is not a future that we want, and I am determined to fight for our rights and the rights of EU citizens, who are our dear and valued friends.”