Belgium pub voted best place for beer on the planet

There is no secret about the love story between Belgium and beer. While you can’t pretend Belgium has the best gastronomy in the World, the Belgians can definitely be proud of their beers; which are famous all around the globe. This (good) reputation has been recognized earlier this week.

According to, the best beer spot in the World is indeed based in Belgium. That’s the good news. But it gets a little tricky when you see the location. Bruxellois’ can’t simply stroll from their flats to taste one of the 250 beers.

In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst café is situated in Eizeringen (Lennik, Flemish Brabant), which means it’s about a 30 minutes drive to get there. And it gets even more difficult and peculiar from there. This pub, quoted as having “perhaps the best range of lambic beers on the planet” by Good Beer Guide Belgium, is only open on Sundays, church holidays, funerals and Christmas day. With such a peculiar schedule, the pub must be pretty impressive for people on the few days it’s open, and it seems like it is, as it was elected best café in the World three times. So if you make the journey there, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Although this bar offers dozens of beers, it is mainly specialized in gueuze, lambic and kriek; so it could be worth tasting some of them. Last but not least, if you’re traveling to this location just for the pub, it may pay to have a look around the town and see if they’re hiding any other gems.