Tour de France exhibition in Brussels: “Belgium is the heart of global cycling”

The Tour de France 2019 will officially start in Brussels. This is a major event for the Belgian capital as Tour de France is the third most viewed sporting competition across the world, so all international TV will focus on Belgium for a couple of days.

Last Friday began the exhibition dedicated to the sixty years of posters of the Tour de France at the Brussels Expo Holiday Fair. It was an opportunity for the Tour de France director, Christian Prudhomme, to highlight the link between the Tour and our country: “Belgium is a country of cycling champions and is part of the history of the Tour” he said.

affiches tour de france
Christian Prudhomme

Belgium has a special story with regard to Tour de France. Several Belgian athletes have indeed won the competition and Eddy Merckx has been one of the best cyclists in the history. That’s what Christian Prudhomme, the director of the Tour de France, pointed out while inaugurating the exhibition. He congratulated Brussels for hosting the start of the 2019 Tour and expressed a strong support to the teams that will set up such an event.

The exhibition of official Tour De France posters throughout the years (since 1958) is currently showcased at the Brussels Expo, as a side event of the Holiday exhibition in Palais 3.