Brussel Danst: Brussels is a Dance Floor

Does 11th of July say anything to you? Probably it doesn’t ring a bell, but if you are a real Brusselian, you should know that the 11th of July is Flanders Day! To celebrate,  Brussels transforms itself into a massive dance floor for Flanders day.

Brussel Danst will give you an opportunity to attend many performances and dance battles in the city centre all the afternoon and evening long, for free! Several strategic points will host “mini-events” and shows in the city centre: Grand Place, Place de la Monnaie, Mirror Hall and Bourse.

If you are interested in different sorts of dancing and music, you should definitively check out the event. You will have the opportunity to attend hip-hop, philharmonic, saxophone or violin shows, as well as of meeting some of  the best Belgian talents. In case your children also fancy learning a bit about dance and different stakes, they can attend a workshop from 3pm to 4 pm at Bourse.


The dance battles will be held at Place de la Monnaie. Two sorts of battles will take place. The “all styles battles” (3 vs. 3) and the “Afro-Caribbean battles” (2 vs. 2). Should you aim at participating at the battles and you haven’t heard about the event yet, you still can register (by the end of the day). You will compete with a maximum of 19 participants and a jury composed by experts will rank you and  give you a prize. If you are not a professional at all but you only want to be provided with an insight into dance battles, you are also warmly invited to watch the shows.

If you are new in town, the organiser also organized tours of the city for you. As it is Flanders Day, most of the free guided walking tours will be in Dutch, but you can also find some in English. That could be quite interesting if you want to have a Dutch perspective over the Belgian capital and the country.

Let’s celebrate the Flemish Community of Belgium dancing!