Brussels hosts the 4th International Conference on Nightlife

Modus Vivendi ASBL, Transit ASBL, the Flemish Community center of expertise VAD and the European Nightlife Empowerment and Well‐being network (NEWNet) are the NIGHTS 2018 Conference organizers. This 4th international nightlife edition will take place from November 15th to 17th, 2018 in different emblematic and alternative places of the capital (Fuse, BIP, C12, Brussels City Hall, ING Art Center).

Addressing themes as varied as health, culture, governance, economy, urban development of nightlife, the conference will offer no less than 46 sessions led by about 150 international speakers, as well as many parallel activities (parties, concerts, exhibitions). Brussels was chosen to host the 4th international conference on the theme of nightlife. Indeed, Brussels, an increasingly cosmopolitan city, with its many international organizations and European institutions and its growing number of citizens and tourists offers a nightlife that evolves accordingly.


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This conference will provide the opportunity to showcase on an international level the dynamics and cultural heritage of Brussels on the one hand, and Brussels’ vision of mobility, security, well-being as well as good governance. It will also be a unique opportunity to exchange practices and learn from what is happening in other European major urban centers. Nightlife in big contemporary European cities is no longer a time when most of the public was solely a festive one. Today, the supply of services is more abundant in fields as diverse as commercial, cultural and industrial sectors.

Among all the proposed sessions, here are some themes that will be addressed: Councils, mayors, night ambassadors. In a city in perpetual evolution, how can festive nightlife activities get along with good neighborliness? Festivals. What are the economic, tourism and social innovations that are taking shape within this expanding sector?



The first two days are available upon registration and intended for professionals; Saturday afternoon sessions will be free of charge and accessible to the public from 2 pm.

Why Brussels?

Belgium has a very diverse and rich nightlife culture. It is famous for its world class festivals, its amazing club scene, and its wide variety of bars and restaurants. Brussels, being the home of many international organisations and EU institutions, is hosting an ever growing number of citizens and tourists. The City/Region is increasingly becoming cosmopolitan, and its nightlife is evolving accordingly.

Researchers, nightlife experts, EU networkers, public institutions professionals, politicians, city managers, street workers and visionary project developers will share their expertise, specific knowledge, theories and good practice to exchange on the future of nightlife. The cross-sectoral discussions and perspectives will also lead to an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary networking on a European scale.

And, of course, you will have plenty of opportunities to discover the city and the diversity of its nightlife offer.

The programme is available online

Conference language:English, French