Plastic Odyssey: a boat that uses plastic as fuel

Did you know that every year, 9 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans?

Plastic Odyssey is a boat that uses plastic as fuel. The goal is to raise awareness of plastic waste and recycling. The principle is quite simple: plastic is processed to obtain diesel and gasoline. A kilogram of plastic can produce about a liter of fuel.

Simon Bernard, who is the engineer and developer of the project, explained that he sees the catamaran as an ambassador of recycling.



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The aim is not to clean the oceans of plastic.

“Once at sea, it is too late,” stated Bernard. “Only 1% of plastic waste floats on the surface, the remaining 99% breaks down into micro-particles.  The problem must be tackled at its source by collecting and recovering plastic waste before it reaches the ocean. The idea is to offer the countries which are most affected by pollution, the developing countries, recycling technologies that could be reproduced and improved, to create a network of small recycling companies”.

The departure of the 3-year expedition is set for 2020. This would be the first round-the-world expedition on a boat powered solely by plastic waste.



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If you want to support their project, check out their website.