Greenpeace delivers 70,000 signatures to the King and pleads for action against climate change

On Thursday December 20th, Greenpeace has delivered a petition signed by the 70,000 people calling for action on the climate emergency.

“Since the politicians do not seem to want to react, we call on the King to support our will and our fight for the climate,” says the NGO. The petition was launched shortly after the march for the climate, which gathered 75,000 people on the streets of Brussels in early December. The marchers called for a more ambitious climate policy.



The NGO relies today on the King “because, in times of crisis, his role is to ensure the continuity and the pursuit of the long-term goals, the ‘grand plans’ for the country. We ask him to bring our voice to the political actors so that they take ambitious decisions, at the height of the climatic urgency,” stated Greenpeace.

The organization hopes that the sovereign will take his message to heart.