From Brussels to the world: GiveHope campaign

SB OverSeas’ #GiveHope campaign aims to provide education to 1400 refugee children in Lebanon.
Thanks to the whole community supporting this Belgian NGO, this campaign started off with a lot of enthusiasm on the 4th of April when all SB partners around the world shared their support by wearing the GiveHope t-shirt, sharing the social media posts and putting the #GiveHope frame on their profile picture.

The community and friends overseas allowed SB with the opportunity to raise awareness on the need of education to displaced children, giving them their childhood back whilst learning, reading and discovering the world that surrounds them.

SB OverSeas is thankful to everyone of them and is developing a new, visual, product to track where all the Give Hopers are! This tool will help not only to visualise the supporters but will be also be an opportunity to show to the community in Lebanon, all of those who sustain their right to education!

People from all around the globe are sharing the vision of SB OverSeas. A vision to provide education to everyone. There is an entire generation of school-age children who have been displaced due to the Syrian conflict and therefore not having access to key years of school. Having the opportunity to see a classroom again means having hope for their future and self-development. Here how the map looks like. Explore where SB supporters are!

Want to added to the map? Tag SB OverSeas in a photo on Facebook or send an email at