Belgian woman found half-eaten by lizards on Thai Island

This is the last case of a set of seven mysterious deaths that occurred on the Thai Island Koh Tao – already called as the “island of death”.

Elise Dallemange, a 30 year-old Belgian tourist, committed suicide, according to the Thai authorities in April. However the story was only revealed today. Elise was found in the forest, hanged and partially eaten by lizards. This happened eight days after she said she was leaving to return to Belgium.

The mother of the young Belgian, Michele van Egten, does not believe that her daughter has committed suicide. “We fear somebody else was involved,” she said. “I cannot accept why my daughter should have killed herself.” she said, adding that Elise had been “normal” during their last conversation and that “no signs of depression were visible.”

Michele van Egten also points out the fact that Elise’s bags were on the ferry that she was supposed to catch. “I do not know why she would have bought a ticket and then go to the jungle to commit suicide,” she concluded.