New entrepreneurs find Brussels more attractive than London, Paris or Berlin

Surveys show that 90% of active start-ups in Brussels find the city a lot more attractive, and that it offers a more favorable climate for entrepreneurship, compared to other innovation-leading cities like London, Berlin or Paris.

The data showed that the quality of IT infrastructure and the provided support in Brussels is particularly appreciated (87%), whereas other big innovating centres came out with lower results. Amsterdam and Zurich (both ranking at 93%) do prove to be more convenient for starting a business, while Oslo (97%) and Stockholm (100%) rank first in this area.

A few challenges have yet to be overcome by the newly implemented companies, such as building a clientele, recruiting qualified personnel and accessing to capital. Only then can the Belgian capital be recognised as a entrepreneurship-starting centre on an international scale.


Unsplash – From: Franck V. @franckinjapan


Far from them the idea to relocate their activities to an other country, as stated by 9 out of 10 (87%) of new entrepreneurs. This percentage far exceeds the European average of 59%.

This study was carried out by ‘European Start-up Survey and conducted by the consultancy agency PwC.