A Hazara family living in Wallonia on the brink of being sent back to Afghanistan

SUPPORT YUSUFI is a collective of citizens who aims to support the Yusufi family. Originally from Afghanistan, and descended from an oppressed minority, the Yusufi family fled war and persecution.

The parents and their 5 children finally found refuge in Belgium, in Grez-Doiceau a place favorable to their development and blossoming.

The Yusufi family are an integral part of the community, they have enriched its daily life.

The 5 children are educated with top grades in Grez and Jodoigne.

Parents are an example of resilience, love and determination.

This dignified life is threatened as this family is at risk of expulsion and a return to Afghanistan.



This family, originally from Kondoz in Afghanistan, received negative responses to the asylum applications they filed. Yet it is unthinkable for this family to return to Afghanistan for the following reasons. The conflict has recently intensified to the point that even the capital is considered a place where indiscriminate violence can affect civilians at any time. The Yusufi farm was confiscated, family members were killed in front of them. After their escape from Afghanistan, the Yusufi family first fled to Iran where their rights were being eroded.

They then crossed Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany before finally landing in Belgium. Belgian law stipulates that subsidiary protection must be granted when there are “serious threats to the life or person of a civilian because of indiscriminate violence in the event of an internal or international armed conflict. The danger is further aggravated in the case of this family, which is part of an ethnic and religious minority, the hazaras. This minority is regularly targeted by numerous attacks, as attested by one of Amnesty International’s latest reports. For example, in November 2018, a suicide bomber attacking the Hazara community and claimed by the Islamic State killed 40 people.

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