Founder of New Europeans to stand for Change UK in European elections in the UK

Roger Casale, a former UK Labour MP and founder of New Europeans is to stand for the European Parliament as a ChangeUK candidate in the UK. Speaking following the launch of the Change UK campaign in Bristol, Casale said: “5 million people have been left in limbo by Brexit. Many millions more still see their future as British citizens of the European Union. We need a voice that speaks for them.”

Casale is one of a number of activists from New Europeans who are standing in this year’s European elections. Suzana Carp from New Europeans Brussels is also standing for ChangeUK, while Dr Ruvi Ziegler, New Europeans Oxford is a candidate for the Liberal Democrats, both in South East England.


James Beckles is a Labour candidate in London while Jane Morrice, former Deputy Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly and New Europeans member, is standing as an independent candidate in Northern Ireland. Commenting on the high number of candidates from New Europeans across a range of political parties, Dr Ruvi Ziegler said: “In the UK, New Europeans will be proudly fielding 10 candidates across 3 political parties. Our members are embodying the values that the organisation seeks to promote in the European Parliament.”

Despite his profile as a leading civil rights activist, Casale is unlikely to be elected as he has been placed last on the ChangeUK list in East of England at his request.

“I am the backstop candidate for ChangeUK,” said Casale. “My priority remains developing New Europeans mission in the EU. But I cannot remember a period when British politics was as broken as it is now. It is high time someone stood up to say the EU is not the problem, it is part of the solution and that is what I will be aiming to do.”