Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs discourages travels to Sri Lanka

Unless traveling is necessary, the Belgian Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs advises not to go to Sri Lanka over the upcoming days.

This recommendation follows the terrible attacks Sri Lanka has been subject to during the Easter weekend. The attacks resulted in the death of more than 250 people, according to the last reports.


It seems the Sri Lanka authorities still fear some additional attacks, which explains why some countries have suggested their citizens not to go there, except in cases of absolute necessity. “Some terrorists are actively pursued, and a risk of new attacks could happen in the country. The communitarian tensions might revive”, the minister said.

The attacks might therefore have a significant impact on tourism in this Asian territory. Some tour operators have decided to limit their offers there, and hundreds or thousands of tourists may postpone or cancel their trip.

On Friday to Saturday night, police forces have conducted an assault on the Eastern part of Sri Lanka to neutralise people who are considered terrorists. At least 15 people were found dead after the assault.