Peru celebrates the 198th anniversary of its Independence at Château Malou

Today, July 28th, the Republic of Peru celebrates with joy its National Day. On a day like this, in 1821, the general José de San Martín declared Peru’s independence from Spain.

To celebrate the occasion, the Embassy of Peru to the Kingdom of Belgium and to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, organized a reception in the beautiful premises of the Château Malou, an historic building guarded by the green and forested areas of Woluwe Saint Lambert.

The event took place on July 18th and Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez Reinel welcomed the more than two hundred guests who raised their glasses to celebrate the 198th anniversary of the noble nation of Peru.

During his speech, Ambassador Gutiérrez underlined the path of economic growth Peru continues to experience. Innovation and private investment have been nourished in what is an open economy to the whole world. Peru continues to invest in its human capital and adapting international standards that would allow the implementation of best practices to increase the level of democratic engagement among its citizens. The fight against corruption and the reduction of poverty continue to be addressed through important reforms.




Regarding the close relationship with Kindgom of Belgium, Ambassador Gutierrez said, “I have the pleasure to announce that Belgian scientists will be on board of Peru’s oceanographic expeditionary ships to Antarctica.”

Along with other members of the Pacific Alliance —Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, with whom he had been in Luxembourg, Namur and Ghent — Ambassador Gutiérrez reiterated the growing interest among entrepreneurs to fully explore the investment possibilities in Peru.

In the cultural domain, the Ambassador recalled the great successes of “Inca Dress Fashion” and “Inca Dress Code



“I would like to say that none of these two activities would have been possible without the support of the Royal Museums of Art and History,” he said.

During the evening, guests were able to taste traditional gastronomy treats such as ceviche peruano (marinated fish), anticucho (grilled meat in skewers), chancho asado (roasted pork), empanadas (beef pasties), as well as the traditional Pisco Sour.