The “single ticket” for all public transport in Brussels will not be available by September

The “single ticket” usable for all Brussels public transport operators – Stib, Tec, De Lijn and SNCB – will not be available by the start of the school year. Rather, its availability will have to wait for the formation of the new Belgian governments (Flemish, Walloon and federal).

The single ticket idea, which would allow purchasers to travel freely in the capital and the surrounding area, was announced in January by Jean-Pierre Hansen, Chairman of the RER Steering Committee. The aim is to encourage commuters to leave their vehicles at home and commute via public transport to Brussels without having to pay several subscriptions. Jean-Pierre Hansen had previously specified that the project was to be endorsed by the Executive Committee of Ministers for Mobility (CEMM) a few days later.



However, no CEMM could be organised before the elections. The project is therefore postponed indefinitely.

The four operators have also had previous difficulties agreeing on issues such as pricing and revenue allocation.