A new Belgian start-up was born today: NeoConnect

Today, four Belgian entrepreneurs announced the birth of a new Belgian start-up: NeoConnect.

A Belgian start-up promises shake local, regional and thematic communities around the world thanks to “a digital tool that is both powerful and original” says François Dupont, CEO of Vox Teneo and NeoConnect co-founder.

NeoConnect Founders: Frédérick Graulich, Frederic Soudain, Pascal Goergen and François Dupont.

Four entrepreneurs created a bond and value. The idea is simple:  allow everybody to easily connect to others. Through projects, organisations and groups. Here and everywhere. The tool makes it possible to share the chain of supply and demand for skills, know-how, financing and thematic information, and concerns or specific centres of interest.

A new Facebook, the Belgian way? NeoConnect is 100% Belgian: both the initiative and its development. Every community remains owner of its own data, which makes it completely quiet original.

NeoConnect provides every business (in both the private and public sector), local or regional community, or even thematic networks, with a digital tool that not only facilitates the daily management of these communities, but above all enables them to interconnect, expand and promote their ideas, projects, services, products or best practices of their community members.

“Besides the features of managing members, cross-connections, geolocation, sending invitations or newsletters, project management, online payments – to name just a few – this tool allows any community to grow and generate web traffic to attract more partners who are interested in the local, regional or thematic dimension of the platform” explains Frédéric Soudain, NeoConnect co-founder.

“The price for the acquisition of such a platform is unbeatable thanks to the concept of participatory development for all the communities connected to NeoConnect. This system allows the long-term sustainability of the project and operates according to the needs of the shareholders of a NeoConnect platform, included the users who share their ideas, or future needs” continues Pascal Goergen, NeoConnect co-founder.

According to Frédérick Graulich, NeoConnect co-founder, in a few weeks time, the start-up will be turned into a legal entity, allowing the project to quickly grow and at the same time maintain a flexible structure, just like the involved partners. “We invite you all to join us in this adventure” he concludes.