Bapa BXL: welcoming newcomers

Newly arrived in Brussels and in need of some support? Why running around the city to gather information when you can find everything you need at Bapa Bxl?

Bapa Bxl is a French-speaking reception agency that aims to provide support to people who just arrived in Brussels, enhancing their participation and knowledge of the social, economic and cultural life of the city. The service is open to everyone above the age of 18 years old, who is registered in the foreigners’ registers of the city’s communes, who is legally staying in Belgium for less than three years and who has a residence permit valid for more than three months.


Bapa Bxl offers a number of useful services, such a welcoming program for the newly-arrived in the city, that aims to inform them about their rights and duties, as well as giving them a list of aid and services available in Brussels; it gives a social report in several languages, describing achievements and socio-economic needs, while also testing the knowledge of the French language; it offers support services, free French courses and citizenship trainings, together with a certificate of the completed course recognized for the Belgian nationality application. Moreover, the agency also offers integration courses in Dutch.

Start your experience in Brussels in the best way possible, quickly gathering all the information you may need and some tips at Bapa Bxl!