Mrax reports police violence online and calls for community support

On Sunday afternoon the Movement against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia (MRAX) commented on social media what happened in Brussels’ city centre on Saturday evening. The association asked to its followers to share any videos that documented the violence, in particular the one perpetrated by the police in the Bourse area. The post on Facebook says “As a consequence of yesterday night’s troubles to the public order by the police, it is important that all the people present at the Bourse share the videos showing the police’s provocations with associations fighting against police’ oppression”. MRAX then invited people to contact associations such as Ligue des Droits de l’Homme or the Collectif Stop Répression.

mrax screen

The posts stayed online for three hours before been removed, possibly because of the negative remarks collected on social media.

Two parallel investigations are going on at the moment: the first one aims to discover the people who started the troubles, while the second one -demanded by the Minister of the Interior Jan Jambon to the federal and local police- wants to understand the circumstances during which the intervention of the police occurred during Saturday.