Facade of the Saint-Catherine church to be renovated

The “black” facade of the Sainte-Catherine church will be completely renovated by the end of next year. The facade is the one oriented to the north, which overlooks the Fish Market. In the years, it has become black because of soot pollution. Stained glass will also be enhanced.

The project will be carried out by the Brussels manufacturer Beliris, which has a budget of 4.6 million euros. Also the City of Brussels will participate in the budget for the renovation. In fact, on Monday night, it has decided to release additional 500,000 euros, in case Beliris budget wouldn’t be enough.

sainte catherine1


“That’s about 10% of the budget, bringing the total to almost five million euros,” sais Youri Maury, the spokesman of the alderman of Brussels Public Heritage Khalid Zian. “We do not know if we will need it, but we will set it aside in the years to come to have a sufficient margin.”