“I’m in Brussels not because of Belgium but because it’s the EU capital” says Puigdemont


Puigdemont hold today a press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe where he statedI’m in Brussels not because of Belgium but because its the EU capital”. We are afraid for our safety. Madrid is acting in a vindictive way”. “I would like to remind you that since the referendum on first of October we have always kept our hand strechted for dialogue, to infinity. We reached the limit by suggesting to suspend the declaration of independence in exchange for a frank dialogue. This proposal was rejected by the Spanish PP and PSOE. Both of them unwilling to accept that they have a huge problem which they refuse to tacle politically but rather with repression”. he concluded. 

Carles Puigdemont full press conference: "The answer of Madrid is vindictive".

Publié par Brussels Express sur mardi 31 octobre 2017

Catalonia vs. Europe

“We are here to ask for help. Europe needs to listen to us”. The European leaders don’t seem to be open to give an hand. Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, said “Spain remains our only interlocutor”, while Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, asked to avoid more cracks and fractures than there are already in the European Union.

France, Germany and even the United States also supported the Spanish government and did not recognise the Catalan Parliament’s decision. “To the international community and especially to Europe, I ask them to react. The Catalan issue is at the very basis of the values on which Europe is founded: democracy, freedom of expression, hospitality and non-violence. It is a mistake that we can all pay at a very high cost as European citizens”.