Roadworks on Général Jacques

Roadworks on Boulevard Général Jacques are ongoing. The final works are supposed to be over by end October.

The residents should wait some months before the roadworks on Boulevard Général Jacques are complete. They had actually started more than a year ago, but have still not finished; the tramway, retailers and residents have publicly expressed their concerns and complaints about the mess they have been inducing so far. The shop owners have called the authority to grant some compensation for the inconvenience, as well as some resident associations who worried about the lack of political will to accelerate the process.

But the works finally should come to an end at the end of October 2018, with rond-point de l’Étoile to avenue Émile de Bico to be finished in a month.

What will the boulevard look like in a couple of months? It is all about promoting a cleaner and friendlier environment. The walkways will be extended and will include both specific facilities for persons with reduced mobility and bike paths. About public transportation, the users can enjoy larger platforms.

As the size of the road is not unlimited, the traffic lanes will logically then be reduced, and the cars can then only go two ways. Three ways will, however, be maintained near the crossroads.

To make the boulevard more enjoyable, the junction will have trees also set up along the central divider.

Although you might have faced disruptions for several months, stay tuned. You will surely benefit from better infrastructures shortly.