A reportage on TV5 Monde to attract international talent to Brussels


The international French-language TV network TV5MONDE will be broadcasting throughout 2017 a reportage about Brussels, designed to highlight the unique international character of our capital city.

The basic aim is to persuade talented people from abroad to choose Brussels as a place to study and/or pursue their careers. The emission of the reportage will start in Europe and later on 4 other continents will follow. It will be broadcasted during 36 months and will reach an audience of 21 million people all over the world, in prime time.

The author and director of the reportage is the journalist António Buscardini, the production is done by Thierry Perouse of SIBOMONDE.

Various people and organisations have been working on the reportage, including Visitbrussels and the Audiovisual Unit of the European Parliament, plus a number of well-known ‘expats’ in Brussels such as Eamonn Mac Aodha, Ambassador of the Republic of Ireland, and Frank Schwalba-Hoth, a founding member of the German ‘Greens’ party and former Member of the European Parliament. One of the driving forces behind the reportage is BNP Paribas Fortis, represented by the Belgian Peter Vandekerckhove, member of the executive committee of the Belgian bank, and Salvatore Orlando, an Italian expat who is in charge of the expat services.

A number of other Brussels icons have contributed to the initiative, including the famous “La Chaloupe d’Or” on the Grote Markt/Grand Place, the “London Brasserie” on the Luxemburgplein/Place du Luxembourg, and the “Brasseries Georges” just opposite the Ter Kamerenbos/Bois de la Cambre.