A wide range of exhibitions starting this October

Brussels announced its cultural comeback in September, when the capital’s many museums and cultural centres started presenting their new programmes. From numerous exhibitions devoted to Bruegel, to those dedicated to modern art, via the “Dali & Magritte” exhibition, art lovers will have plenty to keep them busy.

Smile Safari

Welcome to Smile Safari, Belgium’s first ever Instagram museum. This is not just any old museum; it’s an adventure through optical illusions, pink palm trees, rainbows and lots more. They’ve joined forces with artists and designers to make it unforgettable. The search for the perfect photo has begun!


Location: Tour & Taxis
Dates: from 2 October to 30 November 2019
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The flagship event from EUROPALIA ROMANIA is a prestigious exhibition dedicated to Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957), the most influential sculptor of the 20th century. This is the first exhibition devoted to this enormously versatile artist in nearly 25 years.



A key figure in the history of art, Brancusi developed a new visual language, and is considered to be one of the pioneers of modernism. The exhibition presents several of Brancusi’s masterpieces, including ‘The Sleeping Muse’, ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Leda’, donated by museums and private collections around the world.

Location: BOZAR
Dates: from 2 October 2019 to 12 January 2020
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Dalí & Magritte

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium have devoted an exceptional exhibition to Salvador Dalí and René Magritte. For the first time ever, the relationship and influences between these two great surrealist icons are in the spotlight.



Through more than 80 paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, films and archived objects, the exhibition reveals the personal, philosophical and aesthetic links between the two artists.

Location: Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
Dates: from 11 October 2019 to 2 February 2020
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The World of Bruegel in Black and White

Bruegel is famous the world over for being a painter, but did you know that, in his time, he was better known for his prints? In 2019, you can enjoy a unique opportunity to see Bruegel’s prints up close.


KBR owns a complete and so far, unrivalled collection of Bruegel’s prints, which will be exhibited exclusively during this special Bruegel year. The ‘World of Bruegel in Black and White’ exhibition will transport you into the imaginary world of the Flemish master.

Location: The Royal Library of Belgium
Dates: From 15 October 2019 to 16 February 2020
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Back to Bruegel – Experience the 16th century

The mythical Hall Gate, the last vestige of Brussels’ medieval city walls, opens itself onto the world of the painter Bruegel, by way of an astonishing immersion into a virtual reality version of his internationally renowned paintings.

This discovery, along with genuine treasures from the New World, as well as weapons, armour and musical instruments, will help the visitor discover the world of the 16th century as if they were actually there. At the top of the building, visitors will also be able to enjoy a magnificent panorama over Brussels and be transported to the times of Bruegel through virtual binoculars.

Location: Hall Gate
Dates: From 18 October 2019 to 18 February 2020
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The more we advance into the 21st century, the more we become aware of the huge paradox that the 20th century was unable to resolve. On the one hand, our societies are ruled by an unbearable rationality, with codes and checks, goals and threats as a daily burden, while every day the news is filled with messages of religious pressure and intolerance, with conflicts carried out in the name of religion and beliefs. The latest trend is populism and fake news.



Location: VUB
Dates: 17.10.2019 – 14.12.2019
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Paul Delvaux, the man who loved trains

Paul Delvaux has developed a superb work inspired by the world of railways. Integrated into the amazing scenery of Train World, the works of the surrealist master resonate with the unique atmosphere of the museum. The exhibition invites you to experience this magic and discover the work of an artist who was passionate about trains and stations. The journey presents the evolution of the painter: from his drawings, watercolours and paintings from the 1920s to his imposing works of the 1970s, including some of his personal belongings. The artist was even given the title of Stationmaster of the station at Louvain-la-Neuve – a supreme honour.


Location: Train World
Dates: from 22 October 2019 to 15 March 2020
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Image and text are very close, complementary, even interchangeable; over time, numerous artists have experimented with the fine line that separates them. Ekphrasis – the written description of art, curated by Bruno Cora, presents the works and texts of more than forty visual artists from the 1960s who have experimented with words as a means of replacing or describing an image. The viewer is encouraged to explore this practice through the works of major artists.


Fred Eerdekens, Muse, 2011

Location: Villa Empain
Dates: from 24 October 2019 to 9 February 2020
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