Les sentiers d’Art: A museum in nature

In the beautiful region of Condroz-Famenne, a large circuit and 11 small walks between 7 and 15 km long feature more than 42 works of art created by Belgian and international artists.

Whether you set off from Ciney, Gesves, Hamois, Havelange, Ohey or Somme-Leuze, nature will offer you two shows for the price of one. Autumn colours on the one hand and works of art on the other, each more original than the next.


The map that you can download on the website or by scanning the QR code with your smartphone, is a veritable ‘open sesame’ to enjoy these routes which are dotted with 42 works of art and 7 artistic and poetic shelters. In the form of a cube, a bird, a wooden tepee… these shelters allow walkers to take a break or, in the summer, to spend the night. Although experienced walkers will set off on routes of 40 to 50 km or more, occasional walkers will be happy with small circuits of 7 to 15 km.

During these walks, you will come across a huge burnt chair, an overturned tree trunk, giant buds, a macromolecule — unusual artistic discoveries, each more surprising than the next.

The routes are accessible free of charge all year round, although during hunting season (from October to the end of December), find out before setting off because some woods may be closed.

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