After cycling for more than twelve thousand miles a Chinese man had his bicycle stolen at Gare du Midi

Junjie Lu is a cyclist from Shangai whose story went viral within a couple of hours.

His experience in Brussels was unfortunately a negative one. On Sunday morning, he shared on social media a long post explaining that his bike was stolen at Gare du Midi.



Junjie Lu went on to write:

“I spent more than 15,000 kilometers in nearly 20 months, starting from Shanghai, after a long and hard journey through more than a dozen countries arrived in Brussels, and my destination is Paris, close at hand. Unfortunately my bicycle was stolen at the gate of the Bruxelles-Midi train station at 9.30-10.00 (16th Nov). The red circle in the picture, it is my fault I locked it but not on the railing. Now I just want to get back my bike as soon as possible because I have to continue to ride to Paris. And my visa will expire in a week, I am eager to complete my trip, please understand the how difficulty for a single cyclist such a long way. ”