Urgent need to comply with Paris Agreement: Electric buses to drive passengers at Brussels Airport

Electric buses at the Brussels National Airport Zaventem will be taking passengers from the terminals to the planes and the parking places very soon.

It is about time to make public transportation more environmentally friendly. After the recent GIEC report warned about the urgent need to comply with the Paris agreement, both the public and private authorities across the world really need to push forward with cleaner ways of mobility.

Brussels-Zaventem Airport is no exception in that regard. The airport authorities have decided to use electric buses as of next year. It is supposed to contribute to the objective of reduction of the CO2 emissions (- 40%) by 2030, compared with the CO2 emissions in 2010. The Brussels Airport is on the way towards reaching that objective, as this decrease already reached 34% in 2017.

The idea is to make that transition progressive. As of January 5th, these new buses will be put into service to let the drivers become familiar with the vehicles. After they get sufficient training, they will be able to drive the passengers from the terminals to the planes and the parking spaces.




The Chinese company Build your dream has been chosen to provide the airport with the buses needed. Two Belgian companies, Van Hool and VDL, also had presented proposals for this purpose. The airport authorities have made a total investment of about EUR 13 million, for those 30 vehicles which can be operational for 150 km before being charged.

In practical terms, the passengers can take advantage of the free-WIFI inside and the buses will also be provided with USB-plugs in order to charge your electronic devices.

While the Brussels Airport is on its way to become quite eco-friendly, what about the whole country? That is another story.