Nightmare continues: Belgian Government refuses to follow decision of the court

On 04 June, I presented in Brussels Express the nightmare of K.F, this Moroccan feminist, civil society activist, business women, consultant, and journalist. After having organised two conferences (Interfaith Relations, Media in Africa) in the European Parliament, she registered her NGO “Organisation Internationale des Médias Africains” in Belgium and rented an apartment at Place Luxembourg. On 29 May, she returned to Belgium with a valid visa, was arrested in Charleroi, mobile phone and papers confiscated and transferred to the detention Centre “Centre Caricole” in Steenokkerzeel besides Zaventem airport.

The Seventh Chamber of the responsible Belgian court, the “Conseil du contentieux des étrangers” ordered on June 6th that she should be released immediately. What is the consequence? She is still behind bars. Why? The responsible ministry ordered the detention center not to obey the decision of the court. I am speechless. In a Western-style democracy – based on rule of law – the administration, including ministries, is obliged to follow court decisions.

Where are we going?