The Smurf Experience opens today

2018 is the year The Smurfs celebrate their 60th birthday, and they’re building their village at Brussels Expo from June 9 for the festivities. Welcome to The Smurf Experience.

The Smurf Experience offers an unprecedented chance to plunge into the magical world of these little blue elves. An exploration with spectacular special effects and displays for a unique experience to share with the family.

Due to its large height, once you enter the village, you will truly be smurified, experiencing everything as the little blue people do. But it won’t be an entirely peaceful endeavour, because the village is threatened by the abominable Gargamel! Get ready to help Papa Smurf and go on an adventure to thwart the wizard’s evil plans!


You’ll also get to experience a journey full of amazing discoveries and special effects: Holograms, Virtual Reality, Kinect, Video Mapping and much more will plunge you into an immersive adventure.

Since 2016, they have been the United Nations Ambassadors for the « Small Smurfs, Big Goals » campaign presenting the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Tolerance, solidarity, friendship and protecting the environment have always been the values embodied by the Smurfs. All these core values will be a theme expressed throughout edutainment on the journey through the Smurf Experience.