International Jazz Day

Brussels welcomes its 6th edition of International Jazz Day. On the 30th of April, the city celebrates with concerts, workshops and tours, all which fill the European capital with the rhythm and blues of this classic music.

UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day seven years ago to highlight jazz and its role in uniting people around the world. And so, every year on the 30th of April, Brussels celebrates this tribute to jazz music and its power in uniting people.

A series of concerts, events, and performances will take place today, starting from morning and going right up until the night. These include:

A piano marathon

Starting from 08:00 and going up until 18:00, you will have the chance to witness some of Belgium’s best pianists play hour long gigs at various locations in the city.

Improv class

This free improvisation group lets you go wild and experiment in the true spirit of jazz, Creation on the spot, intense and honest!

Jazz ensemble from The Brussels Royal Conservatory of Music


Six different professors of music take you up and down the meandering pathways of jazz at these free concerts Only some of the wide variety of ends on offer today are listed here, but the ones that are here are free.

So why not celebrate the coming together of the world with some groovy tunes and great beats in one of the many events on offer for this year’s international jazz day.

Full programme here