Feed me veggies: 3 vegetarian restaurants to try in Brussels

More and more people nowadays are realizing the importance of adopting a more healthy life-style, that balances exercise and healthy food. More attention is put on the quality of ingredients, on the process of production, and on assuming the correct amount of the several nutritious elements. In particular, it has been noticed that consuming more fresh vegetables, prioritizing plant proteins and reducing the quantities of red meat could positively influence both weight loss and health, diminishing the danger of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases.

Adopting a Mediterranean diet could, therefore,  substantially transform people’s lives, offering a more positive approach to food and health. Having meals rich in vegetables and avoiding meat every once and then could greatly benefit one’s life: first of all, it would introduce in the organism fibers, vitamins and elements fundamental for a balanced and healthy diet; secondly, it would allow people to be more creative with food, experimenting tasty recipes and discovering new ways of consuming veggies.

Introducing more veggies in the body doesn’t mean having tasteless “rabbit food” (aka unseasoned salads). There is a growing production of cooking books and recipes dedicated to vegan or vegetarian dishes that may guide you through your discovery process. Nonetheless, if cooking is not your forte and you have some doubts about taste or quality, check out one of the following restaurants for your next lunch break. Try their delicious plates, get your veggies and enjoy a meat-free meal every once and then. You won’t regret it!


AMI, Veggie & Happy Food

This restaurant in Flagey is 100% vegetarian. Great for a quick lunch break, it offers tasty sandwiches and croques with mixed veggies, hummus and goat cheese. Still hungry? Try their soups or their cold salads, composed by different grains and cereals and finely chopped veggies. It is a perfect, first step, since it combines familiar food tastes and options with new recipes and ideas. The cakes are freshly done every day and they look just mouth-watering!



Moonfood is a pretty famous option when considering a veggie lunch break in the city centre. The restaurant is set like a self-service fast-food: two stands at the entrance display cold and warm dishes, that combine good food with tasty recipes. It is the ideal place to try vegetarian and vegan food, since the choice is vast and creative: zoodles with tomato sauce and veggies, stuffed mushrooms and other delicacies are just waiting for you!



Last but not least, Chyl. The restaurant is cozy and welcoming: warm colors and a tasteful, simple interior welcome you when entering. Differently from the previous restaurants mentioned, Chyl has several dishes with meat, but what they can do without it is honestly incredible. I went in on a Tuesday for lunch, and I was hypnotized by the plate of the day. It was: zucchini stuffed à la Provençale, parsnip and butternut roasted with thyme, basmati rice, spelt and peas, kohlrabi spaghetti with pesto and cucumber yoghurt on the side. The dish was rich in taste and I left more than satisfied, full and happy with the meal. The restaurant also has a shop, on the side, that sells groceries by weight or liter: costumers go there with their own bags or containers and buy exactly what they need, reducing waste and the use of packaging material.

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