Tattoo Parlors in Brussels: Some Inspiration Before Getting Inked

Would you like to commemorate a good memory? To have permanently with you a thought, an idea, a desire?

Some people express themselves, their goals and their past through the art of tattooing, painting on their skin words and images connected to significant moments of their life. And if the personal motivation and the subject may vary greatly from one person to the other, the main common elements everyone -should- look for are safety, professionality and  an adequate and clean environment. If you are in Brussels and you are thinking about getting inked, we suggest four tattoo parlors you should check out! In all of them professionality and safety are always present and the staff also speaks English.


Deuil Merveilleux

This studio, located in Saint-Gilles, welcomes the client in a dreamlike environment: the vibrant color of the walls, the curious objects collected in the shop and the pieces of art exposed already make you slip in the right mood for getting a tattoo. The artists are very creative and all have amazing different styles; depending on what you are looking for, they can offer good suggestions on the draft and on the artist that could perform it in the best way. They always have interesting collaborations with international tattoo artists and offer quite interesting themed walk-in days -as they did, for example, for Brussels Pride Day. Information and booking have to be done online via email (to the shop’s email or to the artists’).


Purple Sun

Purple Sun is a nice, small tattoo shop in the Marolles area, close to the city centre. The artists have quite interesting styles, which go from the simple-lined black work to the retro and old school-like one. The shop is well prepared for piercings as well: the jewels sold are of great quality, with non-allergic materials and incredible natural stones, that will flatter your favorite piercing.  They are pretty quick in answering and they always find the time for some information or suggestions, if you pass by at the store.


Hannya Tattoo

This shop, incredibly close to the Manneken Pis -one of the main symbols of Brussels and Belgium itself- gets your attention for the window decorations on the outside, reproducing a Maori motif. On the inside, three artists are waiting for you, each one with its best drawing skills at your service: one artist specialized in realistic portraits; one in black works, with simple and neat lines, and one in black Tahitian and Marquisan tribals. The shop has been open for 20 years now and is one of the oldest in town.


Mystical Bodies

Mystical Bodies opened in 1999 and since then it has been part of the city! The shop at the moment offers two artists, one more graphic, geometric, sharp, while the other one is more delicate, soft. This shop too is well prepared on piercing: they have a pretty complete online list of options and tariff you can check before heading there. They also sell various gadgets (t-shirts, jewels…) and they are always very helpful with information and clarifications.