Belgian Owl: Tour a working whiskey distillery

Belgian Owl is giving you the chance to visit its whiskey distilleries. That’s right, a didactic visit where you roam the barley fields and follow its production right up until it goes into the bottle.

This is an opportunity like no other, showing you the subtle nuances of the distillery process and learning how each whiskey get all its character.

Belgian Owl

Belgian Owl will take its visitors around its beautiful old farmhouse turned distillery and show all visitors how they deliver the secrets of making a 100% Belgian single malt whiskey. With a double tasting: Origin (unaged distillate) and Identity (single malt whiskey aged for 36 months) included.

From then you have a choice of options:

Belgian Owl

Special guided tour

The farm-distillery is based in the heart of barley fields. This is the opportunity to discover the secrets of making a Belgian Single Malt Whiskey. During the visit, the different stages of creation from the barley culture to the tasting will be explained.

Free tour

Walkers wishing to push the door of the farm-distillery, will be welcomed every Thursday and Friday, from March to October, from 13h to 17h. (Departures: 13:30, 14:30, 15:30).

Group visit

In about two hours, a guide will reveal the peculiarities of the Belgian Owl universe. The presentation of the different stages of the production of the beverage will be accompanied by a double tasting of it, not aged and after ageing.

But dependent on the occasion, theme or desires, many proposals are achievable. So why not visit a functioning whiskey distillery, learn its secret and taste a one of a kind drink with this, Belgium’s own, whiskey.