1400 Brussels parking spots removed in the last two years

Around 1,400 parking spots have been removed from the Brussels streets over the last two years, according to figures released by the Brussels-based Parking Observatory.

There’s no way of denying the traffic problems in Brussels. Since tens of thousands of cars roam the streets of the Belgian capital every day, parking spots are understandably at a premium.

The statistics released by the Parking Observatory, however, do not spell good news for drivers in the Belgian capital.



While about 496,000 cars are registered in Brussels-Capital region, the Parking Observatory states that there were only 304, 983 parking spots on the streets on 31 December 2018, roughly 1400 fewer than had been recorded two years earlier.

However, the Parking Observatory stresses that its figures are not perfectly precise, as several communes do not normally advertise the parking places they have removed or set up from year to year. Moreover, those parking spots are not the only places you can park, since both private and public parks are not taken into account in this study.

It seems that the City of Brussels is the champion of parking spots on the street, with more than 43,600 available places. This figure is significantly higher than, for instance, Schaerbeek’s, where there are only 25,300 places.

In case you find it difficult to park, it might be a good opportunity to try out new modes of transportation…