Festival Esperanzah: fighting for more solidarity and sustainability

What do you have in mind when it comes to festivals? You may probably think about music and dancing, but sometimes it can also be about fighting for fair values. If that is the case, have a look at the Festival Esperanzah that will take place over the weekend at Abbaye de Floreffe, near Namur.

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The festival is a familial and humanitarian-focused cultural manifestation that takes place every year. This year, it is focused on three main issues: solidarity, sustainability and “bridges against their walls”. On solidarity, Esperanzah supports a cultural event that takes place in Eastern Burkina Faso, which celebrates harvests. Regarding sustainability, it uses eco-friendly infrastructure and it is committed to sort wastes in a smart way, as well as you can taste fair-trade and local food. And with regard to the theme “bridges against their walls”, workshops, movies and meetings with NGOs and stakeholders involved on migration and refugees will be held all the weekend long.

#Esperanzah2016 🌈

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It is a nice opportunity to have good times and know more about the different actions you can take to make the world better. But do not worry, you can also enjoy gigs and parties, as many artists will perform over the weekend. You will have the chance to see IAM, Gregory Porter or Jacques.

If you need some inspiration for weekend activities, and you aim to visit Wallonia, check the event’s website and pick up what it is of interest to you.