Experience 3 food museums in Brussels for less than 10 euros

Foodies alert: drink, taste and eat your way through these three cute and tasty museums for a very reasonable price.

Schaerbeek Museum of Beer

The small Museum of Beer is located in the workshop of a former school. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden. This inconspicuous place gives you a taste of the famous beer called Schaerbeekoise, which is unique and not available anywhere else.

Its scenography shows the various states of beer production and a collection of around 2000 beer bottles, many of them are accompanied by their brand glass.



The museum encourages you to approach the history of brewing such as: old beer-making machines, coopers’ tools, pub and beer signs, various publicity materials and even documents from former or existing breweries.



The Belgian Chocolate Village

The Belgian Chocolate Village (BCV) is one of the largest museums dedicated to chocolate. It covers more than 900 m². The tour shows the history of chocolate, its culture and production, the associated benefits for health. It appeals to all the visitors’ senses through different activities being held in the museum.

The permanent exhibition displays chocolate sculptures made by Belgian chocolatiers: the Atomium, the Cinquantenaire, as well as Greek mythological creatures made of chocolate. You can also witness the creative process of making chocolate by a local artisan chocolatier.



There is also a tropical greenhouse, an indoor orangery with cacao trees and other exotic plants. Finally, there is a boutique where chocolate lovers can buy handmade chocolate from all around Belgium.



Brussels Museum of the Mill and Food

The museum is a National Heritage building, located in an old mill. The permanent exhibition shows the milling process, milling techniques, its milling history and energy use. The exhibition is completely changed each year to highlight different aspects of food.

This year the museum holds the exhibition ‘Kids menu. A big history of little eaters.’



It’s all about the way children are fed from the time they are babies and onward. Moreover, the exhibition tries to compare Belgian cultural heritage with other cultures. The theme is covered by explanatory texts, period objects, photographs, archival documents from various Belgian and foreign collections. It is presented with the help of dynamic display. It also explains the children’s appetite for sweets and fast food.

Bon appetit!