Jubilé bridge in Molenbeek risks collapsing and is being closed until further analysis made

The Jubilee Bridge (Pont du Jubilé) overlooking Tour & Taxis Park will be closed in on Tuesday December 4th as it risks collapsing. A crisis meeting has been organized to decide further, immediate actions.

The meeting has been attended by representatives of the SNCB, the municipalities of Molenbeek and the City of Brussels, the Stib and Brussels Mobility.


Pont du jubilé
Source Irismonument


A report from the Seco expert office reports stability problems and debris falling.

Due to these security problems, the mayor of Molenbeek, Catherine Moureaux (PS), gave the order to close the bridge as a precaution. The municipality stated that it is only after this meeting that it will be decided if the bridge will be closed off definitely and until the necessary repairs have taken place.