All women driving school to open in Belgium?

A driving school made by women, for women, might be set up over the coming months in Belgium.

As a woman, would you feel more comfortable taught driving by another woman? Although that question may not seem so obvious to men, Samira Masrour designed such a driving school.

It was initially started some years ago in the Netherlands under the name “As-Salamoe àlaykoem“, and offered lessons where only women instructors would teach.

Marour’s aims are to build another business in Antwerp (Merksem) after she has received dozens of phone calls to ask for this type of school in Belgium.

Such a success might seem surprising, but Masrour pointed out a few simple reasons. “The women often feel uncomfortable when they are driving next to a man”, she told Het Laatste Nieuws.

Woman Driver
Woman Driving school in Antwerp

According to her, men are more brutal while driving, and the women who were taught by women are better drivers than those who learnt with men.

Setting up this type of driving school in Belgium, however, could be considered sensitive as many people could find it discriminatory or religiously-based. That’s what Ben Weyts, the Flemish minister for mobility, stated when asked to comment on the potential initiative. “This is ridiculous”, he said. “I suspect it relies on certain beliefs that aim to separate men and women”, he added. Mr Weyts also aims to bar Masrous from starting her initiative in Flanders.

Masrous denied such accusations. “There is absolutely no way it relies either on culture or religion,” she said. The issue would rather be about ways of teaching and she is keen to welcome all the women who are up to learn how to drive. She also explained that her initiative would meet market demand. “We have nothing against the men. They will always be welcomed, to ask information on behalf of an aunt, a sister or a friend.” Masrour concluded.

But for now, future drivers in Belgium should watch out for a potential all woman driving school in Belgium.